Harmonia bloom

Harmonia bloom

To Everyone Enjoying Harmonia bloom

Free License

When manufacturing, exhibiting or selling original clothes or custom heads as an individual seller, feel free to use the hashtag #Harmoniabloom when posting to social media.

Only amateur, individual sellers are welcome to state that their original clothes, wigs, eyes, shoes and accessories are "usable with Harmonia bloom dolls" when selling.
*Please list your contact information when selling items.

  • Do not use or sell official illustrations.
  • Do not sell blank doll bodies, reproductions of Harmonia bloom products or blank doll parts that have had additional work done to them.
  • Do not sell Harmonia bloom products with other customizable doll products.
  • Do not sell perceivably offensive or unethical products.
■Sale of trademarked outfits and heads

We receive permission from copyright holders to produce and sell figures of individual characters. We do not have the authority to provide permission to use the intellectual properties of these characters.

■Use of officially distributed patterns

The sale of clothes created/altered using officially distributed patterns is prohibited.
We may end the free distribution of patterns at any time.

Harmonia bloom Video Manual